Stoner Rock, Metal | Malmö, Sweden

In October 2018:
Whilst still being a record containing alot of dynamics ‘Pigs With Gods’ is definitely the bands heaviest effort to date. Band quote : “When we first started writing music for a new album it became evident to all of us that we were quite tired of the traditional doom/stoner genre… It soon became clear that more Metal was what we all wanted! Thus the album was given a very metal feeling…”


Rudy Kink, rudy [@]
Sweden: Emma, emma [@]


Andreas Bengtsson
Martin Fässberg
Andreas Wulkan
Martin Nobel

Pigs With Gods (Album)

'Pigs With Gods' is the bands second release on Fuzzorama and their fifth release in their career. It picks up where ‘Make it belong to us’ left off , moving in an even more heavy direction straight itowards metal, leaving the stoner genre behind in favor of a more classic metal sound. It fits the guys perfect!
01 Lost Grounds
02 Pigs with Gods
03 Gold Sealed Tomb
04 Cut It Loose
05 Lightbringer
06 Hell in the Water
07 Wrecked
08 Acid Meadows
09 Dead Goon
10 Came For Nothing
11 Medicated on a Concrete Road
12 In Reverse

Fuzzorama Records, FUZZLP029
Released October 26th, 2018

Make It Belong To Us (Album)

Review in German here:
01 Make It Belong To Me
02 Chief
03 Out Of The Black
04 Mind On Hold
05 Lever
06 Drive
07 Life In Decay
08 Dying To Feel
09 Reflecting Surface
10 What Remains
11 Get It Out/Wicked Heads

Fuzzorama Records, FUZZLP024
Released November 13th, 2015

Come Heavy Sleep (Album, LP)

Limited edition of 500 total copies.
200 copies with Transparent marbled blue/red/black vinyl
150 copies with Yellow vinyl
150 copies with Red vinyl
01 Intro
02 Sunset Capricorn
03 Come Heavy Sleep
04 Black Dawn
05 Deserter
06 Stillborn
07 Earthburn
08 Open Gates
09 Into the Smoke
10 Sweet Blood
11 Far Beyond
12 Rise Above
13 Outro

Heavy Psych Sounds, HPS013
Released 2013

Hydra (Album)

"First heard of Deville from a pirate rip. Eventually I came to SS and ordered me ze vinyl. I have to say the pressing sounds so sweet. You guys have to give me more. Heavy riffs, great sounding drums, more plz. Favorite track: Let It Go."

- Unknown Customer, BandCamp

01 Lava
02 Iron Fed
03 In Vain
04 The Knife
05 Over The Edge
06 Burning Towers
07 Let It Go
08 Battles Will Be Born
09 Blood Crown
10 Imperial
13 Stay A Little Longer

Small Stone Records, SS-137LP
Released March 26th, 2013

Hail The Black Sky (Album)

Review here: Musikreviews

01 Levitation
02 On The Throne
03 Hail The Black Sky
04 Undead
05 My Enemy
06 The Only Thing
07 Reason
08 Through The Blade
09 Early Grave
10 A.K.A.
11 Down To Me

Buzzville Records, BUZZCD032
Released June 15th, 2009