Freezes Deyna
Crossover Rap / Metal | Switzerland

„We are fond of details“ Freezes Deyna explains „and since we can’t afford to occupy a studio for months, we thought it was the perfect solution“. So what‘s to expect? „Of course we stay true to the Deynastyle, dynamic sound and musical freedom are still very important to us and with our newest member, DJ Skeptic, we have more possibilities than ever.“


Booking / MNGT:
Rudy Kink
rudy [@]


Rib Robinson - Vocals
Flow Ryan - Bass
Fluffy Chillvan - Guitar
Dee Razor - Drums
DJ Skeptic

Guess Who's Fucked(Album)

Question: What do healthy rage, weaponized bread and boob worship have in common? All of these are subjects that can be found on Freezes Deyna’s second album Guess Who’s Fucked which impacts on earth September 23rd, 2017. Narrow-mindedpeople, who only listen to one single style of music are strongly recommended to brace themselves, cause Guess Who’s Fucked is a full-blown music genre mass orgy. On top of a solid rapcore foundation rises a majestic building made out of hip hop, punkrock, soul, funk and even a couple of bricks of jazz, which are playfully thrown into the faces of those who try to mess with the Deynacode. Guess Who’s Fucked is not just an album, it’s a humble warning, a statement of resistance against the absurd and destructive ways of mankind and last but not least a plea for everyone to use their brains and just chill the fuck out!
01 Overture in C# Minor
02 Now What!
03 Pussy's Paradise (Skit)
04 Pussy's Paradise
05 Onyl Fucking Human
06 No Bread (Against Us)
07 Nature Fucks Back
08 Pump It Up
09 Too Loud To Ignore
10 Feed The Myth
11 Put 'em Out
12 Creepy Crawl Feat. Silas

Sixteentimes Music, SIXT016
Released March 23rd, 2017

Deynacode (Album)

Freezes Deyna's ebut 'Deynacode' was out in summer 2014. Released as cd, the disc is packet with twelve songs with a mix of rap and metal like the classic 90's crossover bands.
01 Words Of The Godfather
02 December Moon
03 Buobelee
04 Deynacode
05 Airwave-Babylon-Nation
06 Sound Of The Monies
07 H.N.S.D.M.P.F.
08 Chickmagnet
09 Mista Syme
10 Brand New Dawn
11 Happy Hippo Fuck
12 Breakpoint Nr. Fuck You

Sixteentimes Music, SIXT007
Released June 21st, 2014