Post Rock | Belgium

Ilydaen [ilidæn] is a post-rock band created in 2009. This post-rock label is not so quite accurate while the band is none of what you could expect. It gives more energy than a post-rock band, as well as more occasions to be drown into self-reflexion and vague feelings.


Booking / MNGT:
Rudy Kink
rudy [@]


Daniel S. – Guitar
Erik B. – Bass guitar
Anthony L. – Drums


Veil (Album)

"Ilydaen has the merit of being appreciated by amateurs of different style. Excluding all the pejorative side, one could almost describe the music of Ilydaen as easy-listening since it is enjoyed alone like at an aperitif or at a jogging where there are 1000 attenders (true-story). Something like a good David Lynch film (...)"
- Shoot Me Again webzine.
01 Aku-Aku
02 Organdy
03 Aura
04 Minos
05 Bauta
06 Acrylic
07 Maras

Sixteentimes Music, SIXT009
Released April 24st, 2017

Maze (Album)

Excellent three piece post rock from Belgium. Tinges of The Cure, Rush and Katatonia come to mind but they have their own sound just the same. Great songwriting skills! The drummer has an odd original style that propels the whole LP. Check out the bass playing on BREACH, and SHELTER \m/ - CARPAGE
Produced by Bert Minnaert
Mastered by Chris Common
01 Lux
02 1/121
03 Curves & Saeptums
04 Argon Walls
05 Breach
06 Quandary
07 Sokkole
08 Daedalus
09 Shelter

Self released
Released November 28th, 2014