Garage Rock | Basel, Switzerland

Missling’s garage rock rumbles with deep bass, explosive drums, a screaming guitar and soulful vocals though various rock spheres. Classic road-trip sound meets dark grunge. Pop elements flutter through the tracks, their music becoming a journey through moods and states which are unknown to few


Booking / MNGT:
Rudy Kink
rudy [@] sixteentimes.com


Sonja (bass/scream)
Sabi (drums)
Sif (vocals/harmonica)
Swayzee (guitar)



Murder (LP)

All tracks are the bands own compositions and reflect the various musical inspirations of each of the four musicians – from stoner rock to cool new wave.
01 Rider
02 Creepshow
03 Girl Upstairs
04 No Future
05 Murder
06 A Single Word
07 Happy Ever After
08 Walking Riverside
09 Anywhere
10 The Wrong Pill

Sixteentimes Music, SIXT015
Released December 1st, 2017