Slap Guru
Psychedelic Rock / Stoner Rock | Madrid, España

Slap Guru was created with the premise that music can become a liberating device. Just as the ancient Zen masters, who sometimes resorted with harsh methods to reach the Satori (even slapping the apprentice), Slap Guru tries to shake the bowls of the listeners through the rock language.


Rudy Kink
rudy [@]


Valerio Willy Goattin: Voice and Guitar
Alberto Martin Valmorisco: Guitar
Javier Burgos Labeaga: Bass
Jose Medina Portero: Drums

Diagrams of Pagan Life (Album)

“Just as the ancient Zen masters, who sometimes resorted with harsh methods to reach the Satori (...), Slap Guru tries to shake the bowels of the listener through the rock language.”

The Meister – Decibel Geek

“Riescono infatti a esplorare in maniera molto convincente territori già battuti negli anni ‘70 da band come Led Zeppelin, Jethro Tull (quelli pre-prog) e via dicendo, offrendosi con un hard rock decisamente tendente verso l’hard blues e fortemente contaminato da atmosfere psichedeliche tipiche di quel periodo.”
01 Ākāsa
02 Diagrams of Pagan Life
03 My eerie Universe
04 Into the Gloom
05 To Forget is to Forgive
06 Contemporary Blankness
07 Earth Cycles
08 The Same Old Way
09 A Daily Loser
10 A Wornout Tool
11 Streams on a Plain
12 Anāhata Nāda

Sixteentimes Music, SIXT023
Released October 18th, 2018

Cosmic Hill (Album)

“Tracks that transpire a nervous blues, interspersed with hard moments and vicious phichedelic motifs”

Manuel Firelli – Classic Rock

“The atmosphere is sunny and is echoing the golden summer of love with warm soloing. These guys are capable to craft psychedelic desert tunes resembling a little the culling, soft spoken and shamanic voice of Jim Morrison.”

Stefano Cerati – Fire
01 Cosmic Hill
02 Wakanta
03 Fighting With A Mirror
04 Ollin
05 Dharma Streets
06 Like A Fool
07 I Turned Off
08 Best Wishes

Andromeda Relix LP008 - P.2016
Released May 1st, 2017