The Dues
Heavy Blues Rock | Winterthur, Switzerland

The Dues will do what they do the best: Get down with their explosive energetic sound, brimming over like a can of beer, that was shaken too hard. All you can do is to drink and enjoy to the fullest. And order another beer while The Dues get the audience dancing! Imagine that: It’s very early in the morning and the sky is grey. The people in the crowd surrounding you are grey as well. What can you do to escape the conformal routine? Put on your headphones, turn on The Dues and rock on! Rock ‘n’ roll means to break away. And The Dues are the way to do it.


MNGT: Rudy Kink
rudy [@]
Booking: Harry
harry [@]


Pablo Jucker (vox/guitar)
Stefan Huber (bass)
Dominik Jucker (drums)

Ghosts Of The Past (Album)

... 70`s, psychedelic rock, vintage album production - especially the way the drummer plays is very old-school (...) the songs have some improvisations and solos, especially from the guitarist, who also plays some trance-psychedelic fusions that act on the listener's emotions like songs of Led Zeppelin. So, you already know that it`s not metal album but heavy blues rock.
Monarch Magazine
A01 Ghosts Of The Past
A02 Something For My Mind
A03 Sails Of Misery
A04 Under The Sea
A05 Love
B01 Elements Of Doubt
B02 Somewhere
B03 La Realidad
B04 Ley Lines

Sixteentimes Music, SIXT031 / SIXT032
Released October 10th, 2019

Cat/Dog Split (EP)

Cat/Dog is a split12" record by Restock and The Dues. Recorded in summer 2017, it's finally out on vinyl now! It includes 4 tracks of high energetic psychedelic rock and roll, which will rip trough your speakers!
A01 Minds Eye
A02 Better Times
B01 Keep it Rollin (Restock)
B02 Moaning Groaning (Restock)

self released
Released August 5th, 2018

Time Machine (Album)

Ohne jegliches musikalisches Wenn und Aber klingt das Schweizer Trio so, wie es ihr Albumtitel verspricht. Retro-Rock, der uns in seiner Zeitmaschine mit der Einstellung 60er- und 70er-Jahre-Blues-Hard-Psyche-Rock von LED ZEPPELIN bis JIMI HENDRIX ...
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01 Confusion
02 What a Fool
03 Who am I
04 Pictures of Time
05 Spirits of the Dead
06 Devils Work
07 All My Life
08 Waiting
09 Set My Soul
10 Lover Man
11 You got to Live
12 Demons

self released
Released October 18th, 2017

Thief of Time (Album)

Their first LP, "Thief Of Time" was co-written and produced by Chris Winter, frontman of a Swedish band Dollhouse, and released in 2016 by French record-label Bad Reputation.
01 Beast
02 Sunny Sunday
03 Thief of Time
04 Moonshine
05 Jekyll
06 Water
07 Soul Mover
08 Silver Haze
09 Hold on Me
10 Gimme Shelter

Bad Reputation, BAD160301
Released May 7, 2016

Pay Your Dues (EP)

Self released debut EP by The Dues.
01 Immortality
02 Save
03 Blue Hearted Lady
04 Devil
05 Pay Your Dues

self released
Released December 23rd, 2013