Tyrannosaurus Globi
Sludge / Noise Rock | Switzerland

Tyrannosaurus Globi play in a very low tuning to make sure their sound will hit you deep inside your guts. Their songs are vessels filled with the band’s discontent about the current state of the world, and loaded with their passion for heavy riffery and catchy melodies. TYSG promote anthropophagy as a means of reducing the CO2- level and world hunger. On November 16th they released “Disturbing Attraction of Carcasses” on vinyl.


Harry Binder
harry [@] sixteentimes.com


Guitar / Vocals: Roman
Guitar: Laurent
Bass: Niggi
Drums: Sandro



Disturbing Attraction Of Carcasses (Album)

On November 16th Tyrannosaurus Globi released “Disturbing Attraction of Carcasses” on vinyl.
Eight ear bleading songs on a 12 inch plate. Recorded and mixed by Marc Obrist at Blue Shelter Studio, Möhlin in Switzerland.
01 The Recluse
02 Caffeine and Cocaine
03 Metadata
04 Buildings without Foundation
05 Death is running away from me
06 Boredom that bears Evil
07 The Hunter
08 Peccadillo

NIHL001 / Self released
Released November 14th, 2018