Folk | Switzerland

YERNA are five well-rested dreamers, who have now emerged from the underground scene in Basel. Born in the living room and raised on small city stages, they take the best of folk and mix it with dramatical classical music. Warm guitars, deep strings, moving drums and polyphonic vocals are component parts of their extraordinary sound. Melancholic, floating, beautiful and critical.


Rudy Kink
rudy [@]


Guitar/ Vox: Luca
Guitar/ Vox: Flurina
Violin: Gilda
Cello: Lucia
Drums: Sanjiv

Expectation (Album)

YERNA’s first act EXPECTATION is an album with profound and reflective texts. Weightless, instrumental excursions, as well as moving passages to sink into. The lightness of acoustic music is carried by skillfully staged drum beats. Despite unconventional arrangements, the quintet from Basel succeeds to produce an oeuvre which casts a spell over the hearer. Eight songs; sometimes beautiful, sometimes sad, sometimes angular, sometimes round.
01 Satisfying Sin
02 Fear Is A Lie
03 Nobody's Wrong
04 Ignorance
05 Whileaway
06 Wearing My Ego
07 Lingering
08 Terra

Sixteentimes Music, SIXT021
Released June 2nd, 2018